Hot Stone Massage: Benefits

The hot stone massage is an old kind of bodywork, as well as an alternative therapy that involves the placement of some chilled or heated stones on the body for the purpose of relaxation, healing and pain relief. Massage with hot stones is not just well-known in the United States, but it has been practiced in numerous countries since the beginning of time. The hot stone massage is now a popular alternative to medicine. It is practiced by many people, ranging from soldiers and athletes to couples and homewives. The holistic approach to therapy that utilizes various types of massages and other natural treatments for similar results has gained recognition. It is said to be highly efficient in treating many medical conditions, including colds, arthritis and indigestion and migraines, and other chronic ailments.

The practice of hot stones originates from the Japanese type of massage known as Reiki. In the therapy, heated rocks are placed on certain regions of the body. The stones have therapeutic properties unique to the area they are placed. Based on traditional beliefs the stones are believed to alleviate stress, stimulate the senses, and provide nourishment to the body. Massages using hot stones are an ideal alternative to traditional treatment options like chiropractic and Acupuncture.

Most hot stone massage therapists employ warm, coarse-grained stones. They aid in stimulating the lymphatic circulation, boost blood flow, and flush out toxic substances from the tissues. A majority of therapists combine hot stones with cold stones at different pressure points. Cold stones can, on the other hand, stimulate and soothe the immune system. warm stones help relax muscles and skin.

Research has shown that Reiki massage therapists believe this kind of massage therapy could alleviate a variety of health problems like fatigue, stress and depression. Based on the specific condition the therapist might apply pressure to parts of the body which are feeling stressed or fatigued. People suffering from flu-like symptoms or cold symptoms may be advised to make use of cold stones. Doctors aren't all the time convinced that hot stones massage therapy works in managing certain illnesses.

The therapy method is said to relieve pain by relaxing muscles and alleviating tension. Due to its relaxing effects it can be used to treat muscle tension. Tension in the muscles is believed to be one of the primary reasons for pain and discomfort. To reduce muscle tension, massage therapists employ hot stones which are able to relax the muscles and lessen the tension. The heat of the stones stimulates relaxation and improves circulation. The muscles affected will heal more quickly from the pain.

Massage with hot stones comes with an additional benefit: it speeds up the healing process for injured muscles. Because heated stones assist in the recovery of injured muscles, people can recover faster and more safely from injuries. Muscles that are injured are more prone to injury. By using massage therapy patients can improve the rate of healing within these muscles injured.

A study has revealed that patients suffering from chronic tension in their muscles is able to heal from hernias more quickly than other. The heated stones help ease the muscles in the area affected, which reduces the pain from hernia. The hernia gets heated in this massage therapy. This has helped reduce muscles spasms as well as relax the muscles in the injured area of the body.

Another benefit of hot stone massage is the elimination of varicose veins. It can cause swelling which is very unpleasant. The raised temperature that is produced by the massage assists in reducing the swelling of the tissues. This prevents the tissues from becoming more tight, which can cause the veins to push up to the surface. A water system can efficiently flush out the veins. The massage technique is known to help reduce muscles spasms.

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